Hi, I'm Regina.

I'm so glad you're here. You do important work in the world, and I would like to help you do more of that, better.

Building and running a company is hard, but it needn't be so painful.

I've learned that when you know more about how humans work--and especially how you work--you'll discover how to make things work better. With greater ease and more joy.

The Owner’s Manual will help you write the manual for yourself and for all the human elements of building and running your company. It provides ideas and tools you can integrate into your way of leading and living.

With each issue, I’ll assist you in cultivating and expanding your capacity to notice, understand, and revise how you’re showing up in your business and life. So you can achieve more with a lot less struggle.

I’ll also be sharing science-validated tools for improving your mental fitness, emotional agility, personal and organizational resilience, and relationships (particularly the one you have with yourself). 

I have so much I'd like to share with you!

Here to building better--together,

Regina Koetters